The Púro Water Kettle brings you a pleasant combination of advanced technology and intuition into one. This is the new way to boil water in a modern setting. The slow-open lid keeps water and steam at bay and opens at a slow and steady pace, expressing the Púro’s genuine, premium quality. The auto-shutoff feature is a comforting safety measure that avoids over-boiling and ensures that the kettle will last. The Púro was filled with water and dropped several times as a test, and it showed remarkable durability.

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Boil-dry protection, slow-opening lid, and the use of Strix, the most advanced temperature control keeps your kettle safe.


The anti-calc filter prevents calcium buildup while the specially designed wide mouth creates a funneling effect, preventing the water from dripping down the sides.


The Púro quietly boils water within about 5 minutes, perfect for a fresh cup of tea.


The German-made, thermal shock resistant SCHOTT Duran Glass makes up the body of the Púro and endured several drop tests for safety. All plastic parts in direct contact with water are BPA free.

Quick, Quiet, and Wonderful

Ready in 5 Minutes
Faster and safer than using a microwave or a stove, your water will be ready for your tea, hot chocolate, pour-over coffee or anything your heart desires within about 5 minutes.

Uniquely Quiet and Automatic
The Púro is almost completely silent. No need to rush to shut off a whistling kettle. The only sound you can hear from the Púro is fresh, lightly rumbling water, and it automatically shuts off once boiling is complete.

Using Your Púro is Actually a Pleasure
The beautiful, sleek-looking Púro looks modern and elegant on your countertop. Watching water boil inside the Púro through the crystal clear, German-made Schott Duran Glass is wondrous enough to keep you in the kitchen just for the experience.